Les Yoder Ukraine Update

Many of you are aware that I was planning on a trip to Moldova. I was about 1 1/2 hours from boarding my flight in Vienna to Moldova on Thursday morning when the flight was canceled. It wasn’t long until I was aware that the Moldovan airspace was closed to all commercial flights and it was not known when things would reopen. After looking as several options on possible ways to get into Moldova, I decided to cancel my trip and returned home to US.

I am sure that you have at least been somewhat aware of what is happening in Ukraine, and while it’s hard to know accurately everything that is taking place, know that the situation is very severe. Things will be rapidly changing day by day, hour by hour, and anything I share will soon be overshadowed by new developments.

Ten’s of thousands of refugees are pouring into Moldova. Hundreds of thousands are pouring into Poland. Other countries that are taking in refugees are Romania, Hungary and Slovakia. There are very long lines at the border crossings, and while they are processing as fast as they can, for some the wait has been days.

The people of Moldova have opened their arms to those fleeing Ukraine, and I know many who are traveling to the border with food, water and other necessities, and taking them into their homes and other places of refuge.

Pray for our Brothers and Sisters in Ukraine, Russia and Moldova. The effect of this war is touching everyone in these countries and surrounding countries, and will eventually affect all of us. This is something that is hard to understand why it is happening, but we put our trust in God, who knows every sparrow that falls. And pray that while people’s physical needs are being met, that they have the opportunity to met Jesus.

Thank you for supporting AgConnect Ministries. We are committed to help in any way that we are able, and are actively involved in some specific situations.

We will provide updates as the situation continues.

Leslie D. Yoder
Executive Director

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