Moldova May 2014 Week 3

Tuesday night we stayed in Chisinau with Valarie and Maricica Belous, with whom we have become great friends. We plan to stay with them Wednesday night also. Maricica had made a great, fancy cake in my honor, and we enjoying sharing it with them. Valarie had also found a contact that has a company that[…]

Moldova May 2014 Week 2

After a late breakfast Tuesday morning, we all traveled to Cahul, where we dropped Adriana off at her college and then traveled into the center where we spent time shopping for food and supplies. I was also able to get what was needed to assemble a soil-testing bucket, and when we got home, Michael and[…]

Moldova May 2014 Week 1

On Tuesday April 29, Shane took Jordan and me to Newark Liberty International airport where our flight took off a little after 6pm and we landed in Munich Wednesday morning about 8 am. We left Munich about 9:15 and landed in Chisinau, Moldova about 12:15 pm. We were picked up at the airport by Dan[…]