Greater Things in the Midst of Cancer: August Update

For Executive Director Les Yoder, his wife Suzanne, and the rest of the family, much has transpired in the last few weeks.  Since the beginning of this summer, many discussions, tests, and procedures have followed Les’ diagnosis of recurring oral cancer.  The medical team in charge of Les’ care has been both exceptional in their work as well as highly motivated to create the best possible outcome for Les and his family. They have also expressed their support of AgConnect Ministries, and they desire to help Les continue in the valuable work he has been doing.

From a medical perspective, things have been moving forward gracefully overall. Les completed a successful tracheotomy in the end of July to prepare for his early-August tongue surgery. During tongue surgery, doctors were able to preserve Les’ voice box while removing his tongue and several lymph nodes. A section of flesh from his thigh was then attached in his mouth to create a replacement for his tongue, and Les’ new tongue is being monitored closely. While these procedures come with uncomfortable recoveries and inconveniences, Les and his family are thankful for the excellent medical care they are receiving. 

Praise Reports:

  • Les is receiving care from an exceptional team of professionals.
  • A PET scan completed prior to surgery showed that cancer had not spread beyond the tongue, and the surgeons feel confident that all cancer was removed in surgery.
  • The medical team is hopeful that Les will regain the ability to swallow liquids and smoothies as well as speak at his pre-surgery ability level.
  • In the midst of a difficult journey, Les finds reasons to be thankful and draws his strength from the Lord. He and his family are encouraged by the outpouring of prayers and encouragement they have received during this journey.

Thank you again for your ongoing prayers for Les, Suzanne, and their family. Les’ full recovery from tongue surgery will likely take several months, and updates will be posted during the recovery process. To see future medical updates, please visit Les’ CaringBridge website at: 

God has been faithful every step of the way thus far, and He will continue to do even greater things!

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