Board of Directors Spotlight: Omar Zook


In our first Board of Directors Spotlight, we had the privilege of learning more about AgConnect Ministries’ president of the board, Ivan Yost. Our current spotlight is now on Omar Zook, who has been involved in ministry in Moldova since 1999 and serves as the board’s Spiritual Advisor.

Omar Zook is a dedicated and compassionate individual who is fully devoted to Christ. He and his wife Evie reside in Anneville, PA and recently celebrated 48 years of marriage. They greatly value their two married children’s families and enjoy spending time with their seven grandchildren. They also enjoy gardening, reading, and traveling.

Ministry involvement has been a significant part of Omar’s life for years. At Hershey Free Church, he served as Pastor For Care Ministries for 22 years before retiring in October 2020. Evie served alongside him as Director of Guest Services. In this new season of retirement, Omar still remains heavily involved in ministry and missions as he serves with not only AgConnect Ministries but several other ministries as well.

With so many opportunities to serve in various aspects of ministry, what drew Omar to AgConnect? Omar explains:

“One of the keys is the involvement in Moldova. I have been involved in ministry there as well since 1999 at the Christian University where I have made multiple trips to teach courses in counseling there. The other big motivators include the ministry being Christ centered and focused on partnering with nationals to help them develop ways to better support themselves. I have appreciated the genuineness and sincerity of Les and Suzanne Yoder, Angela Zimmerman and Stas in serving Jesus through partnering with the people in Moldova to better their lives. I love the way they work with the nationals in a way that respects them and works with them according to their needs while giving opportunities for them to help themselves. I also like the focus on using agriculture as a way to further the cause of the Gospel.”

PROJECT 2026: We’re strategically building a model farm in Moldova!
As of the end of July 2022, we are near the halfway point toward our $250,000 fundraising goal for phase one of the model farm building project!

About $30,000 is needed in the coming weeks and months to complete the first phase of finishing the headquarters house. Funds are needed to purchase and install the heating system, septic system, install bathroom and kitchen fixtures, painting, flooring and other final details. Approximately $30,000 will be needed for the greenhouse project this fall and winter, and approximately $25,000 will be needed to finish the 2nd story for dormitories for UDG students and others who will be staying at the headquarters to get practical experience in agricultural projects. An adjoining lot has been purchased, and the purchase of a second adjoining lot will happen in the near future.


AgConnect Ministries continues to provide food and other necessities to families hosting refugees in their homes as well as work with other local churches and organizations that they know and trust to use the funds responsibly.  Over $50,000 has been raised toward this effort so far.  Let’s continue to support and pray for those impacted by the war in Ukraine!

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