Board of Directors Spotlight: Josh & Candace Hahn

We’d now like to introduce you to a couple who have been serving ambitiously on the board of AgConnect Ministries (ACM) since 2019. Josh and Candace Hahn have contributed in numerous ways with Josh’s leadership and hardworking abilities enhanced by Candace’s amazing creativity and bent toward teaching others. Josh is currently serving as our Vice President. If you have attended our banquets or been a part of the online banquet during the pandemic, you have seen this couple in action! They creatively think of ways to help others learn more about ACM and get involved in its mission.

The Hahns reside near Ephrata with their four children. Their desire to serve is reflected in their own family as they have adopted three of their children. They attend and are active in Petra Church in New Holland. (They grew up in the youth group there and got to know Les and Suzanne Yoder at that time. They share that knowing the Yoders and their commitment to serving the Lord is what drew them to wanting to be a part of the ACM board.) At Petra, the couple leads a small group and help in another class that informs newcomers about their church. Also, Josh volunteers in the Men’s Ministry and Candace volunteers in the foster/adoptive ministry.

Josh’s career is also in agriculture. He works for Agriteer, an agricultural parts/sales/service company. Candace keeps busy by taking on the challenge of homeschooling their children. As a school project this year, the children have been raising money for AgConnect Ministries by obtaining sponsors and cleaning up trash throughout the community! Neither Josh or Candace have been to Moldova, and the couple would love to take their whole family there when the children are older.

Josh and Candace are glad they can be a small part of what God is doing through the ministry of AgConnect! They say, “We love the way ACM shares Jesus’ love by meeting practical needs with long-term strategies for sustainability. Teaching people agricultural skills and supporting them with their start-up needs is a beautiful approach to creating long-term change, one small step at a time. When you combine this with ACM’s commitment to ongoing relationships with the farmers who receive help, the results are powerful!”

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