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Work has been progressing steadily on the AgConnect Ministries headquarters in Moldova, and it is exciting to watch a vision become a reality!  One of the next projects to tackle is the purchase and installation of a heating system for the building.

While the US has certainly seen an increase in energy prices over this past year, the people of Moldova have experienced a much harder hit.  Some energy sources have more than tripled in price, and fuel availability fluctuates.  When, if ever, will energy prices and availability return to pre-war norms?  At this point, the answer is speculative at best.

With this in mind, we’re adapting construction plans, and we need your help.  The original heating system price estimate for the headquarters fell in the $10,000-$15,000 range.  But with the recent concerns about fuel prices and availability, it’s back to the drawing board for a wiser, more versatile approach.  We’re now looking to purchase and install a multi-fuel heating system that can utilize a range of heat sources, including pellets and corn.  

The necessary move to smarter, more reliable heating comes with an initial increase in expenditures.  The multi-fuel heating system we are hoping to purchase may cost up to $25,000, which is a $10,000-$15,000 increase from our original budget.  To have the system installed in time for winter, we need to raise these funds as soon as possible.  The heating system should be installed by the end of September to keep the project moving as smoothly as possible.  

With the timely installation of the heating system, we can continue work on phase one of construction by finalizing the water hookup/filters ($5-8,000 needed), finishing the first level kitchen and bath ($5,000 needed), and purchasing/setting up additional greenhouses ($30,000 needed).  When including the newly calculated cost of a multi-fuel heating system, the total dollar amount needed for the completion of model farm phase one is approximately $68,000.  If we can continue the current rate of construction, the AgConnect Ministries Moldova headquarters will soon be ready for occupancy!

Can you help us get the heating system installed by the end of September?  Every financial gift is very appreciated!  Tax-deductible donation can be made online by following this link: Donate Here

As always, thank you for partnering with AgConnect Ministries as we work faithfully and strategically to share Christ’s love in Moldova and beyond!

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