30th April 2015


Many pastors in Moldova receive little or no support from the churches they shepherd. The demands on their time makes it difficult for them to hold traditional jobs, and the costs of transportation makes it difficult to effectively minister in the area to which they were called.

AgConnect Ministries belief is that the best people to evangelize Moldova, are other Moldovans. By helping pastors to create agricultural enterprises, they are able to provide for their own families needs, provide much needed assistance to members of their church and community. Too many pastors are forced to leave Moldova to find ways to provide for their families, and this
is critical, not only to their families, but to the struggling churches, communities and to the entire

While a small amount of direct support has been given, the focus is on creating opportunities to support themselves and not to depend on outside sources of support. AgConnect Ministries has a strong belief that creating an environment that gives individuals the ability to earn their own living rather than depending on others, provides a sense of achievement, satisfaction and selfworth.

Some of the pastors have agricultural enterprises such as farming, beekeeping, greenhouses, ect. There are also many other types of business opportunities that could be developed.