3rd June 2016


Greenhouse and Vegetable Production

IMG_3779Having a greenhouse or growing a plot of vegetables is a good way for a family to provide an income for many families in Moldova. They have good soil that makes for great tasting vegetables when they have the proper resources and technology.


In January 2016 Angela Zimmerman, an agronomist with greenhouse and vegetable experience, moved to Vadul Lui Isac, a village in the southern region of Moldova, to begin developing programs for greenhouses and vegetable production. There are challenges with soil and water pH, having access to the proper fertilizers and chemicals, finding quality seeds with improved disease and insect resistance, changing people’s cultural practices, ect.
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Angela has been working intensively with a core group of greenhouse and vegetable growers to gain a better understanding of these challenges, and has been testing soils and water, as well as working with these growers to identify the specific problems they are facing, and conducting some experiments to help to find solutions.

A large part of her work will also to provide education and training, and to demonstrate thru the use of field trials to discover improved methods of production.It will take time to develop programs that use affordable, accessible, quality products that will greatly improve production and profitability, and to gain producers confidence in trying these new methods of production.
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There is also the challenge of developing markets for what is produced, learning to change grower practices and types of vegetables grown in response to changing markets and competition from local produce and foreign imports.While the task is is quite large, the belief is that this is one of the best and quickest ways to improve the life of many individuals and families in this region.