30th April 2015


IMG_3267The Kindergarten Project has become an important part of our ministry in the past several years. While this was not envisioned when the work was first started in 2004, the impact of this ministry in the village of Vadul Lui Isac is very evident.IMG_2966When the funding from one of the founding sponsors was dropped, our organization answered the call to continue this work. Many of the children that attend this kindergarten join the Youth Group and eventually join the church in Vadul Lui Isac. It has also been an important outreach to the parents of the children that attend.For many of the children that attend, the 2 meals a day that they receive while at the kindergarten are the only meals they will receive. Along with a superior education, the unconditional love and acceptance that these children get from their teachers has a profound influence for the rest of their lives.

In addition to the $3,000-4,000 per month it takes to run this program, funds are needed to make repairs to the aging structure that houses the kindergarten. Recent past improvements include a new heating system, new windows, new toilet facilities and water system. Funds are urgently needed to remodel the kitchen and dining area, and repair a leaking roof.



Please watch this video showing the work of the Family Center Kindergarten.