30th April 2015


Along with the need to find better ways to produce crops and raise animals, there is a great need to develop an infrastructure that supports a thriving agriculture environment. Having reliable, affordable and consistent sources of inputs such as quality seeds, fertilizers, equipment and other necessary resources is crucial to creating a strong, sustainable farming community.

AgConnect has been working with some other organizations to help with business development. There are always challenges that are unique to each region, and many people aren’t familiar with or comfortable with all of the regulations and requirements to set up legitimate and legal enterprises. AgConnect is working with individuals who have experience in navigating business development, and are participating in and facilitating meetings and seminars to help teach business development. There is a great need for people with marketing and business development skills to help with this project. 

It is the vision of AgConnect Ministries to identify needs, create opportunities and develop individuals who can start and sustain supporting agribusinesses.